Liberty Wells

Liberty Wells was originally part of the “Big Field” project that granted acreages to applicants seeking farmland. The neighborhood is now mostly residential and home to Salt Lake City’s second-largest park, Liberty Park. Victorian era and bungalow style homes are the most common residences, but there are several apartment buildings as well. Liberty Wells has business strips primarily along its boundaries of 900 South, 2100 South, and State Street.

_MG_0582e (2).jpg
looking north on State Street
_MG_0605e (2).jpg
Italianate styled church tower
_MG_0618e (2).jpg
homes across from Liberty Park
_MG_0623e (2).jpg
pool entrance
_MG_0668e (2).jpg
Liberty Lake
_MG_0709e (2).jpg
bungalows built 1914
_MG_0713e (2).jpg
bungalow duplex built 1910
_MG_0725e (2).jpg
new construction 2015
_MG_0728e (2).jpg
little free library
_MG_0753e (2).jpg
trapeze lawn decoration
_MG_0806 (5).jpg
gas station
_MG_0764e (3).jpg
apartment complex built 1972




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