Central Ninth

The Central Ninth Neighborhood is a former industrial district situated along 900 South. Bars, restaurants, and coffee shops line the main corridor near the TRAX stop on 200 West. In the residential areas, Victorian and bungalow style homes are intermixed with rising apartment buildings. The post-industrial neighborhood is developing an identity that pays homage to its roots while cultivating a hipster aesthetic.

vegan donut shop
_MG_0184e (2).jpg
900 South TRAX station
2018 construction across from 900 South TRAX station
coffee shop
IMG_20180304_155048 (1)
duplex in disrepair near coffee shop
18 unit apartment amid single family homes
back alley bread
hideout scribbles
e-scooters along business strip
bike rack and planters
alley (2)
skyline from alley
_MG_0236e (3).jpg
fire-damaged home built in 1902
_MG_0194e (2).jpg
discarded sign
_MG_0276e (2).jpg
_MG_0362e (2).jpg
duplex built in 1907

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